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CM Mechanical Truck & Trailer Repair offers complete repair and maintenance services for most trucks and heavy duty equipment, including Kenworth, Freightliner, International, Peterbilt, Mack, Western Star, Volvo, Dodge Cummins, School Buses, RVs, loaders, and tractors. We also maintain PM schedules for our customers. Here’s a list of our services, but if you don’t see what you need give us a call. If it’s big–in size or complexity–we can handle it.

  • Truck Tune-up
  • Truck Radiator Service - Coolant / Antifreeze Change / Flush
  • Truck Air Filter Replacement
  • Truck Brake Inspection, Service & Repair
  • Truck Exhaust / Muffler Service & Repair
  • Truck Inspection Service
  • Truck Transmission Service & Repair
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Hydraulic Hose Fabrication & Fitting
  • D.O.T. Inspections
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Truck Clutch Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • PM Schedules

More on our regular services

  • Diesel Engine Repair

    Diesel Engine Repair

    There are many complex problems that can happen with truck and heavy duty equipment engines. If you notice any operational issues, strange noises or other changes that may indicate engine problems, we encourage you to schedule an appointment quickly. We use the latest technologies to diagnose issues and complete engine repairs. Our mechanics provide you with an estimate and a full explanation of any findings, and we do not start any major repairs without obtaining your consent.

  • Heavy Duty Equipment Repair

    Heavy Duty Equipment Repair

    The five main systems in heavy duty equipment are traction, implement, power train, structure and control. We can handle diagnostics, component repair, welding and a variety of other heavy duty equipment repair tasks. Also, we perform preventative maintenance for heavy duty equipment. We understand that some equipment owners rely on their machines to continue critical business operations. Without sacrificing quality, we work as quickly as possible to help minimize your operational interruptions.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance

    Every type of truck or heavy equipment has a specific preventative maintenance schedule. Preventative maintenance guidelines come from the manufacturer and may be based on mileage or months and frequency of use. Fluid changes, flushes, brakes and rotor repairs and other tasks may be essential to prevent serious problems from developing. When you follow the preventative maintenance schedule, you can save money by preventing those serious problems. If you are looking for a preventative maintenance provider for your entire collection of heavy equipment and trucks, we can help.

  • Truck A/C Service & Repair

    Truck A/C Service & Repair

    We understand how important it is to stay cool while you are working during the hotter months. If your truck's air conditioner does not seem to be working well, it is time for an inspection. With our truck A/C service and repair, your A/C will be working again soon. We have the right equipment and know the right methods to diagnose and fix A/C issues quickly. After we diagnose and fix the problem, we can also provide you with tips to keep your A/C functioning optimally.

  • Truck Clutch Repair

    Truck Clutch Repair

    Clutch problems are common with work trucks and heavy equipment. If the equipment is used to pick up or haul anything heavy, clutch repair may be a more frequent need. Anything that adds to the load on a clutch speeds up wear. Although trucks and heavy equipment have clutches with higher capacity, they still need regular inspections and some repairs. If you notice slipping or any other problem with your clutch, we encourage you to bring in the truck or equipment promptly for clutch repair.

  • Truck Oil Change / Lube Service

    Truck Oil Change / Lube Service

    Every type of truck or equipment will have specific oil change recommendations from the manufacturer. Oil keeps the engine parts lubricated and prevents friction that could otherwise cause damage. An oil change is essential since the oil breaks down over time and may pick up debris. Oil change guidelines are usually based on months or mileage. If you need help determining how often to get an oil change for your truck or heavy duty equipment, we can look up the guidelines for you.